Chipotle-Inspired Chicken

by Fresh and Frugal

Meat does not make an appearance in my kitchen often. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike eating meat. I love it, actually. What I do not like — not at all, ever, in any way — is touching raw meat. I hate touching raw meat. Chicken, however, unlike hamburger beef and steak and the like, comes frozen. Voila! Raw chicken consistency is no longer a problem. Defrost in the microwave and dump into a hot skillet!

The point is, I’m hungry enough tonight to not only defrost said chicken, but to actually eat meat. Rare occurrence, I know, but here we go. I have one of the most fantastic jobs, usually involving a giant desk that looks much like one my dad’s father used — a lovely, dark wooded, bulky thing that smells like pipe tobacco — and utilizing my fine motor skills. I also work with books. Today my task was a great deal different: loading books into giant blue shelves-on-wheels, wrapping the whole package up in saran wrap stuff, and then pushing it down a warehouse walk, around two or five corners, and into the hands of movers. I’m not complaining. Quite the contrary! It feels so good to do mindless work sometimes, using my entire body to shove something easily twice my weight, — and push it fast. The thing is, it makes your whole body hungry for every kind of food.

So getting home, I raided the fridge. Kitchen Sink posted a recipe for a chipotle burger that I’ve been absolutely salivating over (have I mentioned that my dad’s family is mostly Latino?) for weeks, but I haven’t quite gotten around to buying chipotles yet, and I most definitely have zero plans for touching raw hamburger or turkeyburger meat. What do I have instead? Canned green chiles and my lovely, lovely chicken. A few more tweaks (cherry tomatoes, not one giant thickly sliced heirloom) and I had my own version, and ohhhhhhh was it delicious. Even the bits that stuck to my cheeks and fingers. I will definitely be making this sandwich again.

Green Chili Chicken Sandwich

1 chicken breast, thawed

1 fresh bun (I like wholewheat, but bought ciabatta on sale)

8 cherry tomatoes

1/2 small white onion (red might be prettier)

1 handful arugula/spinach leaves

1 small sliced mushroom

1 small radish

1 small clove garlic

1/2 lime (for squeezing)

1 tbsp mayo

1 tbsp dijon mustard (I like TJ’s spicy stuff)

1 tsp diced green chili

1 tsp dried red pepper flakes

salt pepper

Defrost chicken, then sprinkle with salt and pepper and dried red pepper flakes, chop garlic clove and add, then cook over medium heat, covered. Slice the mushroom, add to the pan, and re-cover.

In the mean time, slice the remaining toppings: onion, radish, tomatoes. Cut the roll/bun in half, and coat the top and/or bottom with the mayo, dijon, and green chili. I like mixing the chili in with the mayo.

Layer on the toppings, then move the cooked chicken and mushrooms onto the sandwich. Quickly roll the lime on the counter (it should be room temp by now, and the rolling on the counter makes it juicier), slice it in half, and squeeze over the insides of the sandwich.

Close it all up and enjoy.