Creamed Mushroom Toasts

by Fresh and Frugal

Vomit. In. My mouth. You’ve all heard me say it at one point or another, but have you ever wondered how it came to be a Nikkism?  Well this one’s short and sweet: in one of my oldest memories, there are wild blackberry bushes, a late grey evening, and an old house belonging to old people with caterers or servants preparing something in the kitchen. That’s the most pleasant part of this memory. The kitchen wedged its way into my memory for one reason: it smelled, to my young mind, like vomit. That horrible acidity, something having been… fermented, I guess. It just scarred me, though I could never figure out what they had been making since I was still short and my memory doesn’t extend above the countertop. But that horrible smell… And now you know the story behind that one.

Today, trying my hand at the recipe for creamed mushrooms on chive-buttered toasts, I was suddenly rocked back into my past. I now know what it was that sent my young mind skittering: white wine being cooked. Luckily, however, while the smell struck me like a brick to the brow and I knew exactly where I had smelled it before, it didn’t muster a vomit in my mouth. Come to think of it, the sharp smell made my mouth water, and I couldn’t wait for the mushrooms to top my buttery little toasts.

Tonight was either going to be these little guys or a sort of standard Brazilian meal — at least, the meal I remember staring up at me from nearly every plate, no matter who we were with or what time it was. Maybe we’ll save that for tomorrow, or maybe the greens will become snacks before then and I’ll find other uses for everything else.

I do apologize for going a little chive-crazy, but they’re fresh and lovely and snipping away at a handful of the long stems (if that’s what they’re actually called) is thoroughly addicting. I mean, just look at them! Aren’t they just the smash of green the brown bread and brown mushrooms call for?

I should first admit however, that while this recipe does vaguely come from Smitten Kitchen, I went the cheaper route: simple but large button mushrooms instead of wild varieties, the 7-grain whole wheat bread that was hiding in my freezer instead of anything schmancy, whole milk over heavy cream, and a simple white onion over shallots. While I’m sure the mushrooms themselves would make a massive difference, the rest doesn’t seem (at least, to me) to disrupt the entire dish.  In any case, I really did enjoy the way it turned out and if you give it a whirl, hope you do too.

Creamed Mushrooms on Buttered Toast with Chives

via Smitten Kitchen

3 large mushrooms, chopped

1 tbsp butter

1 onion, chopped

1 tbsp dry white wine (like chardonnay)

a splash of whole milk

4 slices of bread

1 bunch of fresh chives (1/4c chopped)

coarse salt to finish

Heat butter over med/hi heat. Add the onions and allow to cook until translucent (3 or 4 minutes). Add chopped mushrooms and cook for about 5 minutes before adding the wine, decreasing heat to medium, and covering.

After another 5 minutes, remove the lid and allow any access liquids to cook away (2-5 minutes) before adding the whole milk and allowing it to thicken. If you think it needs it, add salt and pepper.

Toast your bread, spread with a little butter, and dust with freshly chopped chives. Top with mushroom mixture and sprinkle a little more chives on top with a pinch of sea salt.