Simple Courgette

by Fresh and Frugal

So sorry to be posting twice in one day, but I really do feel like I ought to make up for my absences, which seem to stretch longer and longer. I swear it’s that I’m absolutely knackered when I get home from work, and then worry about whether I’ll go to sleep early enough or wake up on time. Silly, but true. So I’m sorry for all of the quick and rather sparse posts.

Living in England taught me so so much. Among these lessons are: No matter how small your garden, tend it religiously and if it’s small enough, you may use shears instead of a lawn-mower; cafes are not for sitting and talking, pubs are; always have an umbrella in your bag; simplicity is often best. On the culinary side of things, however, I learned that zucchini do not exist in the UK, but that courgettes do. Also, that near-relative, the purple-skinned and white-fleshed veggie, is not an ‘eggplant.’ Say ‘eggplant’ or ‘zucchini’  and people will think you’re a little off — trust me, I experienced it. Honestly.

So when I was a little peckish but not quite hungry, my first thought was vegetable and my second thought was simple. What’s more simple than thinly sliced courgette with a smattering of oil, parm, lemon, and chives? So while my itunes visualized away, I set knife to vegetation and soon had a tasty but light dish — the perfect thing to counter-balance all those sweets that keep appearing at work.

Simple Courgette

1 small courgette/zucchini

1 tbsp fresh chopped chives

1 tbsp freshly shaved parmesan cheese

1/4 lemon (for squeezing)

salt and pepper to taste

Thoroughly wash and thinly slice your zuke. Lay on a plate in a relatively thin layer, then sprinkle the parm, chives, salt, and pepper on top. Squeeze the lemon over the dish, and finally drizzle lightly with olive oil. Enjoy!