Purple Potato and Leek Soup

by Fresh and Frugal

Our first taste of autumn is here. Yes, you read that correctly. It begun yesterday, cooling off slowly but surely, a few quick showers sprinkled in there. Then this morning, laying in bed and throwing Kitty’s toy for him again and again (my cat fetches. Yes, like a dog.), it was suddenly like that first taste of pumpkin ice cream, the first bite of a chilled pecan pie, and like the first time you have that urge — all year — to wrap up in a scarf. Of course it was only that chill from crawling out from underneath the covers, but the open windows had chilled the air in my apartment. What a fresh, wonderful way to wake up and prepare for grad school orientation.

As a result, however, I’m in the mood for soup. It’s been raining on and off all day like it would when Aunt Mary and I would meet in London and troll the museums only to search for the perfect spot for a curry. They were usually damp but gleeful days, sometimes the only real fun I’d have for a month.

So today I’m thinking about London — the blues and pale grays in the sky, the artichoke-heart-purple streaked bottoms of the clouds just after the sun set behind them. That barely-ripe, rich and yet pale purple color. The color of blackberries in clotted cream. The color of plum-flavored tapioca. Grape creamsavers (yeah, remember those?). Purple potatoes with… with…

Purple potato soup! What’s warmer and more satisfying (other than broccoli cheddar soup or corn chowder) than potato and leek soup? At the end of a long day, at least a girl knows she can still make soup — a beautiful soup — out of potatoes. What a perfect end to a London-like day.

Purple Potato and Leek Soup

2 large purple potatoes

1 large leek

2 cups chicken/veggie stock

1 clove garlic

a splash of milk (maybe 3 tbsp?)

freshly chopped chives to flavor and garnish

salt and pepper to flavor

Bring the stock to a boil while cleaning the potatoes and cutting them into decently sized hunks. After all, we just need to soften them. Throw ’em in and then peel the garlic and toss that in, too. Wash and cut the leek as well, and drop them into the pot. Add a splash of milk. Let simmer for at least 20 minutes.

Remove from heat and let it cool just a little before pouring it into a blender or processor. Make it as creamy or as hunky as you like, then transfer to bowls and serve immediately.

P.S. Thanks for the encouragement, Shana!