Fried Zucchini

by Fresh and Frugal

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about courgettes, so here is a completely and thoroughly all-American Zucchini recipe. I stumbled upon this fantastic blog called Try It You Might Like It, which for the most part plays host to several items or recipes I have tried and loved or cannot wait to try and love. For instance, doesn’t Sea Glass Jello sound fantastic? I’m not a huge Jello fan, but the photos look absolutely beautiful. I don’t care how it tastes, I’d like to eat something that pretty. After all, we are what we eat, right?

So getting back to these zukes: perfect late summer/early fall veggie, especially because of their value right now. At the market they were only 50 cents per pound, and the smallest summer squash I could find was 3 pounds! Unfortunately this also means that there’s less flavor per … er… there’s less flavor in the large ones. So what do we do with it? Hmm…

At home in Indiana, the first week of every October is Fall Festival time: the third largest street festival in the world takes place in downtown Evansville (third only to Brasil’s Carnival and Louisiana’s Mardi Gras, last time I checked). I’m not kidding when I say that people from far and wide congregate to eat insane concoctions like brain or tongue sandwiches, icky lickies (lollipops with bugs at the center), and a fried version of everything from Oreos to Snickers bars, ice cream to meat.  The first stall my brother and I always search for is the one with the fried dill pickles, then we go our separate ways (or take turns picking what we wanna eat). On my list is always fried zucchini.

When I gave this recipe a shot, I completely forgot I didn’t have bread crumbs until the egg was cracked, the zucchini sliced, and the oil heated.  Coincidently, my mom slipped a container of wheat germ (which I put on the back shelf thinking what the heck am I ever going to use this crap for?!) into the last batch of goodies she gave me. What a perfect substitute! It was crunchy and nutty and almost sweet. Delicious! It was, however, very difficult to make it stick to the slices of squash. Maybe try breadcrumbs next time.

Fried Zucchini

1 large zucchini (well, not 3 lbs worth. Maybe 1 1/2)

1/2 c breadcrumbs/wheat germ

1 egg

2 tbsp water

oil for frying (enough to very shallowly coat the pan)

a pinch of salt

Heat the oil just shy of smoking-point in a skillet.

Slice the zuke as thinly or thickly as you like, though I prefer fairly thick chips so they’re still pretty firm in the center.

Put the egg and water in a small bowl and whisk together.

Cover a slice of zucchini in egg, then drop into the bowl of bread crumbs or wheat germ and coat it to the best of your ability before dropping it into the oil in the pan. Be careful! It might spit at you a little.

After anywhere from 1-3 minutes, flip the slice over and cook the other side just as well. When it’s finished, place it on a paper towel to let some of the oil drain off (I even flip ’em over to get the other side!) Last, sprinkle gingerly with salt.

Keep doing this until you’ve finished your squash. Serve and enjoy.