Peachy Keen Scones

by Fresh and Frugal

Scones always seemed like one of those somewhat exotic, difficult things to bake. What if it doesn’t rise properly? What if they all come out heavy? How much fruit is too much? After discovering last weekend that I’m not a complete scone-failure, I thought I’d give it another shot on Thursday night.

Let me say that I don’t usually eat as many baked goods as you’ve seen on here, and had only recently broken from the forced habit of salad at lunch every day. After sliding into a pair of pants that had been quite loose around spring-break-time and realizing that oh crap! they’re a little on the tight side now (but still look kinda cute), I’m reverting to my veggie-ful lunch. This only means I can eat these baked goods now (and spaghetti Bolognese!) without the residual guilt.

So I found myself staring into a vat of gooey, fruity dough again. For some reason, this dough was a little harder to work with, only because I think the peaches were a little more juicy than the blueberries. Maybe next time I’ll add s’more flour and see what happens. All that talk of baking being more a science while cooking is an art makes me really nervous about messing with any baking recipes — never was much of a science person. Well, not as far as the hard sciences go, at least.

With this recent temperature drop, the baked fruit is exactly what my appetite called for (which I haven’t been able to put my finger on lately). Peaches are such a wonderful, warm taste. Yeah, they’re fresh, but when slowly cooked in an oven they become almost honeyed and unbelievably tender. Well, you all know what I’m talking about, so I don’t need to ramble. Just make them.

For this recipe, check out my Bunches O’Blueberry Scones recipe and substitute 1-2 c of peaches for the blueberries.