Baked Eggs in a Buggy

by Fresh and Frugal

Yes, this sounds crazy, but lately a lot of blogs I read have been streaming baked eggs across their screens. Baked eggs, you ask? Why, whodathunk? After the somewhat plasticky layer that settled on top of the eggs on that pizza, baking eggs again did make me a little nervous but not nervous enough to avoid giving it another shot.

Now, I love peppers. They’re so pretty, especially the ones I can find at Reading Terminal, all green and orange and red, adding not one but three colors to any given dish. The problem, for me at least, lies in the flavor. While I will eat thin slices of bell pepper with (gasp!) a glop of zesty ranch dressing, I don’t particularly like its strongly grassy flavor. The crunch of raw pepper is fantastic, almost like an apple in the way it pops through your teeth and the way the thin juice leaks out when you chew. I just don’t like the flavor all that much, so imagine how I jumped at the opportunity to roast it (to sweeten out the grassy flavor) after layering sliced tomatoes into its hollow.

The final touch was the egg. Though I could have eaten it without our little yolky buddy, it was impossible to pass up the idea of trying it. So there you have it: the piecing together of this particular conglomeration. It’s more a layering of crap to throw in the oven than a real recipe, but it’s good nonetheless!

Baked Eggs in a Buggy

Like that? I made that title up all on my own.

1 bell pepper

2 eggs

4 cherry tomatoes

dash of olive oil

Preheat to 400.

Slice the pepper in half and core it, scooping out the seeds.

Cut the tomatoes in half and lay them in either side of the peppers, sliced side up.

Drizzle VERY lightly with olive oil, and pop into the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until just starting to soften.

Remove pan from oven and crack an egg into either side of the pepper. Slip it all back into the oven and bake until the egg is just set. Serve.