Delicious Autumn

by Fresh and Frugal

That’s right. Autumn is absolutely delicious. Truth be told, I’m reverting to some of my eating habits from my freshman year of undergrad (i.e. not much) to make time for studying. It’ll also be cheaper, but I hate to say it, less pretty and special. So no more purple potato and leek soup for a while, guys.

You know it’s here when you wake up and mumble to yourself about adding a blanket to the bare sheet on your bed. You know it’s here when you can hear the neighbors grilling on their back porches, children shrieking and giggling. The leaves begin to line your path, and you find yourself (if you’re a girl) waiting for the perfect day to whip out your favorite pair of boots from last year. You start to crave things like toast and apple pies and chai tea. For me, one of the biggest cravings is tomato soup.

I loathed tomatoes as a child. I mean, I was pretty good about eating everything on my plate, but I really despised tomatoes. Then, unexpectedly, something clicked during my freshman year at Indiana University and I couldn’t get enough of those little ready-to-microwave cups by Campbell’s that Target happily pumped into my eager hands. For a while there, almost every day I would grab a handful of tortilla chips and one of those little cups for lunch, especially toward the end of fall when my open windows made sitting on the floor too chilly. That’s what I remember: Sitting on the floor, wrapped up in my fuzzy red blanket, eating tortilla chips and tomato soup, and reading about the history and philosophy of science.

Today’s meal is a little more preservative-free than those ones, since I used a recipe for tomato soup from, and froze the remaining portions. I love Rachel’s posts. So after reheating (and adding a little milk) to that recipe, it was only a matter of working out what kind of grilled cheese I wanted to go with it. Anyway. Here it is:

Tomato Soup and Spicy Cheese Quesadillas

Tomato soup (Check out Rachel’s recipe:

2 flour tortillas

1/4 c mozzarella cheese

1 crumbled hunk feta cheese

1/2 jalapeno

sprinkling of salt

Begin heating the tomato soup.

Warm a skillet (oil/grease/butter it if it’s not non-stick), and lay one of the tortillas into it.

Sprinkle the top of the tortilla with the feta, then the mozzarella.

Chop the jalapeno roughly, then sprinkle those pieces onto the melting cheese. Top with the other tortilla.

Flip before the bottom of the first tortilla burns. Toast through, so the cheese melts and tortillas become crunchy but not burnt.

Sprinkle with salt if you like (I didn’t), and serve with the bowl of piping-hot tomato soup. Dunking recommended.