Fancy Grilled Cheese

by Fresh and Frugal

We all know that feeling, when it’s getting chillier and chillier outside and the leaves dust the ground. You find shards of a pumpkin on the corner — the neighborhood kids are already making mischief and Halloween is only a week away. Everything, it seems, ought to be pumpkin or apple flavored. Often, at least I, wish that the thought of sticking a kleenex in one pocket hadn’t escaped me before setting out for a long walk. Sniffle. You’ve pulled your boots out of storage, try them on again, wonder if they’ll last one more season before you bite the bullet and buy a new pair next year. What would dad want for Christmas? When could mom be available for shopping? Oh crap, Alex’s birthday is coming up…

All week I’ve felt like this, anticipating the crisp, sweet bite of autumn (amid thoughts of when was that deadline again? Oh no, there goes my weekend… How many pages did he say? Which article did she want me to read? Where are my keys? Did I even eat breakfast?).  So you can understand why, after working myself like a crazy person all week, I had to take the morning off, make a Target run, and then come home and update you after spoiling myself with a proper lunch. Making food at home is just so much better than grabbing food on the run, isn’t it?

Fancy Grilled Cheese

2 slices Provolone cheese

2 slices of artisan bread

2 pieces of bacon, cooked to perfection

1 handful of basil leaves

1/4 braeburn apple

1 small pat butter if you don’t have a nonstick pan

Drop half the butter into the pan so the bread won’t stick, on medium heat, and then lay in the piece of bread. Cut each slice of provolone in half, and use two pieces to cover the bottom piece of bread.

Lay the apples on top, and then the basil.

Layer on the bacon.

Add the cheese to the top, making sure a little hits every edge (who likes a bite with nothing but bread when it ought to be a sandwich?), then close it up. I put a lid on top to make the cheese melt faster without burning the bread.

After 5 minutes or so, flip the sandwich until the bread is toasted on the other side, and the cheese is melty.

Remove from pan, slice in half, and serve. I couldn’t resist the discounted disney-princess-chicken-noodle soup at Target two weeks ago, so added that to make a giant lunch.