Passionate About Pasta

by Fresh and Frugal

I love pasta.  Honestly. I love pasta. I really really love pasta. No, you don’t even know. I. Love. Pasta. Of course, this isn’t a great thing, since I spend all day, day in and day out, working at a desk, whether it’s with a computer or with old documents. Anyway, the colder it gets outside, the tougher school gets, the less time I want to spend thinking about what to make, and would rather just… make it. Pasta is something I can just make.

There could be just about anything plopped on top of pasta, and I’d dig in — unless the pasta is cold. Cold pasta freaks me out a little. But nice warm, perfectly al dente pasta? Very little in this world makes me happier.

Angel hair and I have a very loving relationship: I buy him, he cooks quickly, and together we make lovely meals. Lately he’s been nestled in garlic, tomatoes, and kalamata olives, or he’s been dotted with brilliant green peas, topped with bacon, and dashed with parmesan. My dearest pasta, can we ever go wrong?



Kalamata and Tomato Pasta

1 Serving angel hair pasta

3 Roma tomatoes (roughly chopped)

5 small white mushrooms (chopped or sliced)

1 small handful of pitted kalamata olives (halved)

1 tbsp parmesan cheese

1 clove garlic (peeled and chopped finely)

1 tsp dried rosemary and/or basil


Set some water to boil.

Drop the garlic, with a touch of olive oil, into a skillet on medium heat.

When it becomes golden-brown, plop the tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives in. Let simmer for 5 minutes or so, before adding the pasta to the boiling water. Finally, mix in the dried herbs and parmesan cheese.

After 3 minutes, drain the pasta and dump into the same skillet with the tomato sauce, or put the pasta on the plate, then dump the sauce on top. Eat.


Green and Red Pasta

1 serving angel hair pasta

3 slices bacon, halved

2 handfuls of frozen (or fresh) peas

1 tbsp parmesan cheese


Set some water to boil for the pasta and peas.

On medium heat, cook the bacon.

Just before the bacon is finished, and once the water is boiling, drop the peas into the water. Cook until the water returns to a boil, then add the pasta. Cook for 3 minutes

Drain the peas and pasta, and plate them. Then tear/chop/break up the bacon, and add to the top of the pasta, with the parmesan cheese. Enjoy.