Study Snacks

by Fresh and Frugal

Lets be honest — the house is never as clean as it is when you don’t have a deadline the next day. Unfortunately, food is rarely the same. When I know the week (or two or three) is going to be a rough, deadline-filled nightmare, I stock up on a few staples. Luckily, the end of the term only comes about at the beginning of winter and end of spring, so the fare is markedly different. The one constant: toast.

You can put anything on toast — it’s all about the presentation. Sometimes I go a little overboard (as you all have seen), and make a crap, 15-minute version of a Sunday Roast: two eggs, atop two wedges of toast, with a handful of quickly-seared tomatoes on the side. If I’m feeling really rich, we’ll stick a hunk of cheese on the plate, too. The point is, it’s quick and delicious.

Another toast-bedded go-to: tuna sandwiches. They always make me think of home, summer afternoons leaping down the stairs to skid into my seat at the table, across from my brother. Mom uses romaine lettuce and I use cucumber, but the tuna is always simple, just tuna and mayonnaise. I get creative over here with onions, tomatoes, spicy mustard, bits of jalapenos, olives, capers, or what-have-you. Regardless, I contest that a tuna sandwich on toast is the ultimate fresh comfort food.

I don’t have a photo of it here, but if you’re already having  a fat day and are just craving some cheesecake, cut a piece of toast in half, and slather some cream cheese on one half. Top with your favorite jam/jelly/preserves and you’re good to go. Nom nom nom on down. If all else fails, just find some crap and put it on toast. I promise it’ll be better than your brain initially tells you it will be.