by Fresh and Frugal

A while ago, someone left a zillion comments on every post (which I did not approve because they all said the same thing): add bacon and this would be amazing. Okay, I love bacon as much as the next person, and it was the hardest thing to give up when I went vegetarian for a few years, so I know. Trust me, I know. Every Sunday, the one thing I would look forward to the most at brunch, would be the crispy (not burnt) bacon.

So when I saw this recipe in the newest issue of Everyday Food, in the section which is solely about bacon (honestly, if you haven’t bought it or received it already, please go do so for the sake of bacon everywhere), I knew this would be a hit with the crowd at home. I also knew I did not want to eat 20 bacon-wrapped chicken tenders all by myself in my apartment after my final paper was turned in. So last night, my mom grabbed her phone to snap a few shots of the cooking process when I panicked halfway through, realizing I hadn’t been taking photos all along and that my camera was still swimming somewhere in my luggage.

And a HUGE thank you to the author of Try It You Might Like It — after seeing that yours turned out exactly like the photos in the magazine, I felt like I could do it, too. Keep up the magnificent and (thank GOD) frequent, delicious posts!

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

8 chicken tenders (tendons removed)

8 large fresh sage leaves

8 strips of bacon

glug of olive oil (if you’re not using a non-stick pan)


Heat the oil on low-medium. Once defrosted, hold the chicken breast in your left hand and place one large sage leaf in the center with your right hand.

Holding the leaf in place with your left thumb, grab a slice of bacon with your right and lay it across your left thumb, so that the middle of the slice of bacon overlaps the leaf and you can remove your thumb. The bacon holds the leaf in place.

From there, wrap the bacon around the rest of the piece of chicken, and place into the pan, leaf-side-down. I left each piece in the pan with about 8 minutes on either side.

In the mean time, mom whipped up a delicious salad, some toasted bread, and leftover steamed broccoli from the night before. If nothing else, all that meat certainly cries out for some green plopped on the plate beside it.