A Little Spring Green

by Fresh and Frugal

Do you remember that commercial that aired a while ago? The one that started by demeaning people who enjoy coming home to cook, in order to convince the intellectually-starved masses that a frozen, preservative-ful meal was better than anything that could be accomplished with a few minutes of slicing or chopping? Yes, that one. I hate that commercial.
The fact of the matter is, sometimes I need that 20 minutes of chopping while I wait for the water to boil or the oven to warm. I need to balance, hip against the counter, one ankle tucked behind the other (yes, almost flamingo-style), and pick up that danger of a knife my brother gave me, and chop something to bits. Usually garlic falls prey to my careful, almost obsessive chopping. Sometimes it’s the long, relatively slow draw of the blade through a leek that satisfies me. Well folks, tonight, it was both. With my white-and-blue dishrag tossed over one shoulder, I chopped and sliced my way to oblivion.
And wound up with way too much garlic. I suppose that’s the story of my life: too much of a good thing leads to … well, too much garlic. When life gives you too much garlic… make enough food for an entire week’s worth of lunches. Alright, so that doesn’t have quite the same ring as the bit about lemons, but it fits the situation.
Speaking of the situation, I’ve been doing some things lately that I shouldn’t, like ignoring the need to post more. I know this is something I say every month, when I renew my vows to bring you new, delicious meals and show up with another crumble or “crap on” recipe (tick pasta and toast off that list), but I do promise, just as soon as this scholastic sprint to the finishline is over, I will give you seven perfect days of seven perfect posts. We’ll cover the lot of it: breakfast, lunch, a delightful snack, appetizer, dinner, dessert, and a drink to die for. I promise. Hang in there, homies.
Spring Green Pasta
2 servings whole wheat thin spaghetti pasta
1 small clove garlic
1/2 decently sized leek
1 handful of roughly torn fresh basil leaves
1 quick drizzle of olive oil (for the pan)
1 light dusting of parmesan cheese (optional)
Put the water on to boil.
Chop the garlic, slice the leek. Toss ’em into a pan on medium heat with the olive oil.
Toss in the pasta for 4-5 minutes while you finish sauteeing the leeks and garlic.
Drain the al dente pasta, toss the leeks and garlic on top, then the basil, and dust with parm if you like.
Ideally, you’d be listening to some Iron and Wine and drinking a little wine while executing the tasks above. Mmmm.