Rosemary Gin Fizz

by Fresh and Frugal

A while ago I promised you a delightful drink that would drive you stark raving mad. Well, maybe not the raving part, and it really was quite a while ago, now that I think of it. This drink is meant to drive you absolutely mad, in the most delightful way possible.

One of my very few complaints about the holidays is the heaviness of it all. I’m almost sure to drag myself back to Philadelphia weighing a few pounds more than I had when I left, and while the food is delicious and the company is fantastic, and while I really do wish I could stay home forever, in this lovely holiday limbo — well, let’s get real. In a desperate attempt to steer myself away from some of the thickest eggnog in the world, and keep a pretty white smile by dodging the liters of mulled wine out there, it doesn’t really leave much in the way of holiday drinks, does it? My friend Amy would argue that Stingers (“An old-timey drink with whiskey and creme de menthe. It’s green!”) might offer one alternative, but I do beg to differ. With this in mind, I poked around in my mom’s fridge today, for some inspiration.

I’m big on smells, if you couldn’t tell from previous posts. No matter how clean a room is, it doesn’t feel clean enough until it smells clean. No matter how warm it is, it doesn’t feel like summer until you can smell your neighbors grilling hamburgers and sausages. A car is never quite as new as it is when that new car smell overwhelms you every time you open the door. It’s the same with Christmas, so in order to make a Christmas drink, it only seems right to use a smell that matches the holiday.

So as you can imagine, when I stumbled upon a recipe for a Rosemary Gin Fizz, I was immediately enthralled. Christmassy look? Check. Christmassy smell? CHECK. Simple, easy to make, something I can’t exactly screw up easily? Check. Delicious? Well…

I must have done something wrong. I cannot believe that it would have gotten such acclaim on other foodie blogs if it weren’t absolutely mind-blowingly delicious. I must have done something wrong. So I made more simple syrup. Remixed. Retried. Candied the rosemary. Cut down on the gin. Added more fizz. Upped the sugar content. Downed another one (with a rather pained expression). I must have done something wrong. I must have done something wrong.

So here, I present to you, the link to the recipe for this drink. Good luck. Measure carefully. And, of course, merry Christmas!