Greek, Greek, Greek


It’s summer, so if you follow this rag-tag blog at all, you probably know what that means: Greece! Not just a holiday to the Aegean, but real, hand-over-my-heart work. Of course, it’s not all work. Dinners at this little hotel on a quiet street on East Crete are most certainly not work. You may need to do some work to make sure your waistline doesn’t blow, but they serve some of the most delicious chicken and potatoes I have ever eaten. Yes, you heard me. Chicken. And. Potatoes. 



Every meal is introduced with a greek salad. Because I so desperately want (but am somehow too lazy to make) it at home, I came up with two versions that will be featured here. First, the cold version, sans lettuce. Next, the hot version (which is really just the cold version tossed into a prepared batch of quinoa. Surprise!). With that said and without further ado: 




Quick and Dirty Greek Eating

2 oz. light feta cheese

4 roma tomatoes or three handfuls of grape tomatoes

1/4 cup sliced onion

1/4 lemon

drizzle of olive oil

capers to taste

oregano to taste

Chop it all up (well, that which you can chop) and throw it all together in a bowl. Dress with the ingredients that are left unchopped. Eat it. 




Quinoa, Greek-Style 

All of the ingredients above, plus two cups of quinoa, prepared in vegetable or chicken stock.

When the quinoa is nearly finished cooking, dump the contents of the salad into the pot. I try to always add handfuls of spinach, since it makes the dish a little prettier. 


PS: These are older photos that I’m trying to make sure to use up while I’m in Greece, and have the time to blog. Apologies if they’re not the best — there’s a reason I didn’t use them when I was still at home. I promise better photos upon my arrival to the states.